Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 5th Live! Nijigasaku Basho ~Colorful Dreams! Colorful Smiles!~ (Day.1&2)

Promotional image for Nijigasaki's Fifth live

Nijigasaki is BACK!!!

This past weekend saw the first leg of Nijigasaki’s 5th Live, Colorful Dreams! Colorful Smiles!, come and go, and wow was it great to see them back on stage! Everyone’s shown just how much they’ve powered up, even despite a couple minor injuries/ailments.

Apologies ahead of time for any quality issues. This was ripped from PIA, so we get to deal with the quality they provided us for the VOD.

This has been tested with the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 9/11/22.

Please seed! Hit and runs only hurt others those who come after you.

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