Aqours 2nd Love Live! Happy Party Train Tour [1080p h.265]

Poster for Aqours' 2nd Love Live Tour.

All credit for subtitles and original files go to Team ONIBE and their amazing team that brought the original TLs to us.

I’ve requested and received permission to re-encode Team ONIBE’s TLs of Aqours’ Second Love Live in h.265.

With the original h.264 encodes, the 1080p files were a bit on the large side. By re-encoding them in h.265 MKV containers, I was able to cut down on most of the original file size quite a bit, making it easier for people who want to enjoy the full HD lives to fit the files on their devices. These ones were a bit tougher to fine tune than First Live, but I’m happy with the amount of file size reduction I was able to achieve without sacrificing much, if any, visual fidelity.

Playback has been tested on the latest versions of VLC Media Player, MPV, and MPC-HC as of May 23, 2020.

Get it here!

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