Liella! First LoveLive Tour ~Starlines~ [1080p h.265]

Promotional image for Liella's first live tour

All credit for subtitles and original files go to Team ONIBE and their amazing team that brought the original TLs to us.

We are back with re-encodes! It’s still insane to me that Liella got their start with their major lives not even a year and a half ago, and that when they started, were as solid as they were. And even though cheering was forbidden back then, the crowd was still able to make it very clear how much they backed Liella.

As with most of my 1080p re-encodes, I was able to lop quite a bit off of the original file size. With the original weighing in at a comparatively whopping 65 GB, this h.265 re-encode with my usual settings cuts that to just short of 26 GB, saving over 50% of the original space. Do keep in mind that this is a re-encode of a re-encode, so some small quality loss is expected, but shouldn’t be very noticeable at all.

This has been tested with the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 4/8/23.

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