Yohane the Parhelion -The Story of the Sound of Heart- (1080p)

Poster for the Yohane, The story of the Sound of Heart concerts

Another great weekend of lives has wrapped!

Aqours returns to the stage to become their alternate universe selves that they played in Yohane The Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror. Through each night, we were taken through a recollection of the major story points during the season, culminating in the (spoiler alert) defeating of the calamity that had been plaguing Numazu throughout the entirety of the season.

No major surprises this weekend, with songs from the show, Blu-Ray songs (some of which were unreleased), and a special surprise on the third day that may or may not have brought Aikyan to tears. Overall, it was a very enjoyable live that put a bow on what has been this series.

Playback has been tested on the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 12/18/23.

As always, please seed! Hit and runs only hurt others those who come after you.

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