Love Live! Superstar!! Liella! 5th LoveLive! ~Twinkle Triangle~ (Tokyo Leg) (1080p)

Poster for Liella's 5th Love Live concert series, Twinkle Triangle!

Let’s GO confirmation of S3’s airing!

We have now arrived at the end of Liella’s 5th Live tour, putting an announcement-filled bow on top of it all. The setlist was more or less samesies as Fukuoka, so nothing really that notable to add to what I already said last time.

Of the information we did get, though, we now known the following:

  • New Liella subunit music dropping in late April
  • Season 3 broadcasts in October
  • That break in concerts I thought I was getting is no more. RIP my wallet if I want to keep up with these shows (I’ll probably have to pick and choose).

Playback has been tested on the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 2/12/24.

As always, please seed! Hit and runs only hurt others those who come after you.

Get it here!

2 thoughts on “Love Live! Superstar!! Liella! 5th LoveLive! ~Twinkle Triangle~ (Tokyo Leg) (1080p)”

  1. Hi, incorgnito, no idea if you will see this comment, but would it be alright (I already messaged ONIBE and are waiting for their response) to do an reencode of your reencode and post it on nyaa? But this torrent would contain all the lives that I have (all have chapters, expect Niji 6L Kanagawa Day 1 and 2 (if I remember correctly), a lot have subs, but you already know that), so that’s µ’s, aqours, niji, niella, (Hasu doesn’t have chaptered stuff yet) the LL fest, the live with smile thing, some solo concerts from the seiyuu (old setsuna and liyuu), like literally ALL concerts (mini lives too) from anything LL related.

    I’m not doing this because I want to. I’m desperate for space on my drive, and started reencoding EVERYTHING I have. So that’s not a “let’s make a torrent”, but a “I’m doing this anyway, maybe I should share it”.

    Because idk yet if I’m going through it, but with all the people I messaged already, looks like I’m doing it lmao

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